Ken Kingsbury is based out of San Francisco and has been representing Mac based medical solutions for over 30 years.  He is currently an independent consultant for MacPractice and One Touch EMR and covers Northern California and Nevada.


My Story

Hello - I’d like to tell you a little about myself and my background in the health care industry.  I’ve been working with health care professionals now for over 28 years as a independent consultant, trainer and systems integrator.  I have installed and setup thousands of offices including all specialties of medical, dental, chiropractic, and many alternative medicine specialists like acupuncture and naturopaths.  I have chosen to specialize exclusively in the Apple Mac/iPad platform.  This has proven to be an excellent environment for all areas of automation including practice management, electronic medical records, marketing, finance, scheduling, inventory, employee time clock, remote access and much more. The choice of Mac has been one of excellent customer service (the highest rated of all computer manufactures), ease of use and consistent user interface, lower IT costs and support, high quality components for longer shelf life, and a sleek and stylish look in an ‘all in one’ desktop computer.  The plusses go on and on.  I can also say that the software being offered from is high quality and offers a wide variety of abilities covering PM, EMR/EHR, iPhone/iPad interface, scheduling, reports, web based registration, imaging, attachments for scanned documents, integrated word processing, charting, voice recognition, on-line prescriptions, automated confirmations of appointments,  á la carte options for customized functionality, cloud and server based options and great, great customer support.  This makes for a formidable combination when considering a new computer system for the office. 

I am confident that if you take a look at MacPractice, MacSky (cloud based EHR) and Apple computers you will be just as excited as I am about the many possibilities of choosing a Mac based solution!

Ken Kingsbury 

415-260-3901 cell